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Scripting News

Fargo blog: Fargo outage cleared.

New: Little Card Editor 0.64.

Readme: About Little Facebook Editor. With the ability to update posts, Facebook becomes a publishing surface for blogging software.

JavaScript function that updates a Facebook post.

The new software: Little Facebook Editor.

Scripting News: Podcasting grew out of blogging.

Scripting News: New software coming.

On Facebook: I have a new piece of software coming.

Scripting News: An alternate view of Jay Rosen's demo.

Scripting News: News organizations should be focused on where they get their news from.

Scripting News: An alternate view of Robin Williams' suicide.

Scripting News: Someone will make a trillion with this idea.

Scripting News: My architecture is called RSS.

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The reason you get links to Scripting News articles instead of the full text is that they're on a different site in my CMS. Sorry about that. My sites are always the bleeding edge, the place where I experiment the most. So it's always all just barely working. Be glad you get the links! :-0

It's even worse than it appears.

I'm a believer

There's a lot of cynicism in tech. I'm a believer. I know users are supposed to be lazy and not care about freedom. But I think enough of them do to make a market.

Products have to be easy. But they don't have to be effortless. We use lots of products that require effort, some specifically because they require effort. My bike for example, which is one of the best purchases I've ever made. If you get a dog, you're going to buy lots of stuff that requires effort (ask Chris Voss). Effort isn't the issue.

I think people care. You see evidence of it everywhere every day. But they have to be excited! And that's cool. I want to be excited too.

Now a song to sing along with!

PS: Cross-posted on Facebook.

Scripting News: What language to learn?

Scripting News: What does a blog do in 2014?

Scripting News: Installing Facebook Messenger.

Jeffrey Kishner: Customize River4 to Send Links to Instapaper.

Scripting News: Men Stay Silent, 2014 edition.

Scripting News: An opportunity to change journalism.

Maybe America should take a road trip to Ferguson.

Video: How to make your Little Card Editor card more beautiful.

An 11-minute podcast about the way podcasting developed. It's only interesting if you want to create new media types.

Scripting News: Why do we fear death?